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I’ve had a few different guitars over the years, I’ve settled on this one which is a customised £99 Ibanez starter. Until I have made more progress and got more cash this will do just fine.

My Guitar

My Guitar

A bit about me and my guitar:

I didn’t start on the acoustic guitar but I find it works better for me because of its simplicity. When I owned my Fender squire, Stratocaster and others I found I was getting too lost in playing fast and loud to really be able to learn. I’d


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learn other peoples songs and sit down to intend to learn but end up rocking out and basically showing off. I figured I would go back to the roots and I don’t really miss the electric. I’ve always had a mental block in learning guitar, I got to a certain level and never really progressed much. Doing these videos is a lesson for myself as much as anything, I just enjoy it. I think my teacher went a bit easy on me in some ways just teaching me songs and chatting a lot. Where I’m at currently is I know my modal scales and pentatonic scales pretty well and I’m enjoying just making vids to use the power of them to cover pop music. I’ll also be doing lead guitar because I’ve spent a lot of time practicing and being able to do that but it’s fiddly and difficult to record a lengthy piece without making a mistake – they will be coming. My guitar is an Ibanez starter kit, I bought it probably about 8-9 years ago for £99 including a bag, strap, picks, tuner etc. I use the custom light Diddario strings. I changed the tuners to black ones. I added a pickup which involved drilling some holes in it with a kit that cost about £8 from ebay. I added gold ferules? – not sure what they are called – the bits where the tuners go through the guitar. The head snapped in half when I returned from Spain for a year fairly recently. I manged to screw it back together nicely enough. The airline Tompson refused to pay anything for it despite me checking it in as a musical instrument as “special” luggage. Live and learn. I’ve now added a sticker pack to learn all the notes – something I never bothered doing before. I learned the two top strings very early on from playing barre chords of Nirvana and Greenday songs mostly. With the thin E string being duplicate I always knew 50% of the notes and now I want to learn the other 3, they may be a little small to come out in the videos we will see but they are staying for the moment.
Anyway the point I was sort of trying to make here was that you don’t need to spend much on expensive gear until you have learned how to play and found your sound, at least that’s how I do it.

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Here are some of my videos, the full set can be found on jamchannel.info which goes to the youtube channel.